• etcg by bloo
  • card search by daggles
  • etcg mods

  • alphebatized masteries by ten
  • card count subtraction by renako
  • pile sort by rizu
  • separate trade pile by letter by ten
  • show fillers by dite
  • show pending by dite
  • show pending in keeping by dite
  • autocount cards traded by danni


  • bbcode generator by rizu
  • colors img generator by rizu
  • deck selector by dite
  • letter freebie log by dite
  • sakura box set sheet display by rizu
  • misc

  • cami - thanks for being an absolute doll and helping me so much with my transfers and script reuploading ;w; i legit probably would have not gotten up and running this latest time without you!