i've been playing tcgs since 2010, and since it's been so long i've been a member of quite a few! whether i quit, or the tcg closed, here's my archive of all the games i've participated in, and my member cards if i ever recieved one!

member card gallery

badge gallery

member deck gallery

phoenix down party deck

past played

1up - a video game tcg - 1st run
a little bit - an 8bit tcg - closed
colors - a character tcg - 1sr run
dearly beloved - a kingdom hearts tcg - closed
delectable - a food tcg
flicks - a movie poster tcg - closed
folklore - a folklore tcg- indefinite site hiatus
furusato - a japanese culture tcg - stagnant
entirety - an everything tcg - closed
ginzuishou - a sailor moon crystal tcg - indefinite site hiatus
magica - a mahou shoujo tcg - site died
metamorphose - a mahou shoujo tcg
moonlight legend - a sailor moon tcg - closed moving lines - an animation tcg
novella - a book cover tcg
overdrive - video game tcg - closed, 1st run
overdrive - video game tcg - indefinite hiatus
phenomena - a nature rpg - closed
photographs - a character tcg - was a prejoiner - closed
phoenix down - a final fantasy tcg - indefinite site hiatus
ponyo - a studio ghibli tcg - indefinite site hiatus
power up - a nintendo tcg - closed
reflection - a character tcg - was a prejoined - closed, 1st run
reflection - a character tcg - closed, 2nd run
replay - a music tcg - closed
sakura - an anime/manga tcg
singles - a music tcg - closed
special place - a survival horror tcg - closed
tones - an op/ed tcg - indefinite site hiatus
toon town - a cartoon tcg - indefinite site hiatus
wonderland - a disney tcg - 1st run
zest - a food tcg - indefinite site hiatus