trade with me


  • if the form doesn't work, please hmu elsewhere!
    - discord: stiffening#2180 (best method! likely immediate response)
    - twitter (second best method, slower response)
    - email: faunlet[at]live[dot]com (not most ideal but when in doubt, i'll get to it eventually lol)
  • for dreamwidth games, you can submit trades to my posts (note above methods are faster)
  • I ACCEPT RANDOM TRADES! ie, you don't need to have cards i want to trade with me!
    if you use etcg:
    - put a pending (literally titled "pending") card in the "cards you'll give me" section on the form and submit the trade - from there, i'll check out your trade pile, and choose cards i want
    - i'll then send the same trade to you with the cards i would like, and all you'd have to do would be accept it and delete the other one (if you made one keeping track of the cards you asked for lol)
    if you don't use etcg:
    - you can also ask for cards using any of my contact methods above. you can do that if you use etcg as well :)
    - for dreamwidth games, you can leave a link to your trade pile with the cards you're asking for at the posts above, but other methods may be faster
  • i fukken love massive trades. y'ain't bothering me with one of them lmao, for real ask for however many you want
    - ...i'm sorry to anyone i ask for a mass trade and you're not down with that. just tell me to calm down lol
  • typically i try to match worth, so if you want a card worth 2 i expect a card worth 2 or two cards worth 1; basically, specials for specials
  • please allow up to 14 days for a response
  • - if i don't get back to you in that time, it's likely i don't have spoons and am on a hiatus and not checking etcg. i'm disabled and i fall off the wagon easily. please poke me with a stick on discord and i'll get to the trade asap!
    - i'm genuinely sorry to anyone i didn't get back to in a [checks notes] 8 month hiatus i am aware i'm bad at this and go mia but i always come back bc it's so fun and it's such a nice community plz don't hate me
  • please spell out the card names completely (ex. cardname01, cardname02 rather than cardname01/02)
  • for member cards, be sure to use the accurate card name to put in the form, and please be sure to provide yours! (it's case sensitive and different games format differently.) check where i keep my member cards for that game to check how mine is labled


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Cards You'll Give Me
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